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Highland Enclave

Highland Enclave is a 2-acre community development located on the northwest side of Houston, TX. 

The development will have a community of ± 28 homes that will offer a variety of beautifully designed floor plans by Preston Wood and Associates and Pioneer Engineering who have developed the civil and structural plans for us.



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Features & Specifications

CDG- Homes hand in hand with REME Homes as builders will promote this new development. Highland Enclave is designed to meet the unmet need for single-family homes, with a price less than $ 300,000 in the city of Houston. Currently, there is a shortage of residential homes available at this price.

This development will be financed with a combination of private equity and senior debt. The estimated duration of this development and construction is approximately 2 years. The reason we selected this property is that we are familiar with the area. We are comfortable with our prices, our buyers, our sales strategy, and our absorption rates.


Also, we can take what we have learned from our last project and improve our product offering with private entrances, larger lots, more green spaces, larger sidewalks and capture a more visible marketing window. We have learned a lot in building these floor plans on our latest project resulting in lower construction costs per unit. We will do it too.

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9116 W Montgomery Rd
Houston, TX 77088

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