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What We Do

Roof Construction


Community Development Group focuses on Real Estate Development and Construction, delivering innovative projects in small and mid-size communities. We are a full-service, residential homebuilding company that focuses on three main components: detailed community development, modern building design and finishes, and remarkably affordable pricing. We are dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of the different areas in which we invest, resulting in welcoming and contemporary communities.


Project Management

Community Development Group also offers services independently to help Clients manage the entire sequence of their developments and projects, including the engineering design, documentation and permitting process. Working closely with the Client and members of their professional team, Community Development Group will carry out a value engineering program to identify and evaluate alternative materials, methods, and systems, in order to optimize the value of the project:

  • Management of Project Phases (design, and procurement)

  • Construction Supervision and Inspection

  • Quality and Quantity Control

  • Cost Estimations, Cost Planning and Cost Control

  • Overall Project Planning and Control (execution time and execution costs)

  • Materials, Contractors, and Equipment Procurement.



We are committed to offering a complete and high-quality in-home remodeling service, designing functional spaces, choosing together with our clients the best and appropriate materials and products for both interior and exterior finishes. Fulfilling the dreams and needs of each one of our clients.

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